« On the Great Thursday, His Grace Bishop Matthew of Sourozh celebrated the Liturgy at the Cathedral of the City of London »

On April 25, 2019, on the Great Thursday, day of remembrance of the Last Supper, His Grace Bishop Matthew of Sourozh celebrated vespers with the Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great at the Dormition Cathedral in London.
His Grace was assisted by Archpriest Vitaly Polishchuk, Priest Dmitry Nedostupenko, Protodeacon Vadim Santsevitch, Deacon Victor Nikiforov and Deacon Neil Lyubchenko.
The liturgical chants were sung by the choir of the Cathedral under the direction of M.V.  Bezmenova.
At the end of divine service, His Grace Archbishop addressed the clergy and parishioners with words of preaching and spiritual edification.
On the eve of the feast of the Holy Resurrection of Christ, a group of parishioners of the Cathedral took part in painting Easter eggs.