Cathedral of the Dormition of the Mother of God and All Saints,                           

67  Ennismore Gardens,


SW7 1NH               

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Diocesan departments and committees

Religious Education and Youth Work department

Director: Fr Stephen Platt

Diocesan Conference: Fr Joseph and Sarah Skinner www.sourozh-conference.org

St Seraphim Youth Camp: Fr Stephen and Anna Platt, Oxford  www.stseraphimkamp.com

Church Children's School: Fr Maxim Nikolsky


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Social Work department

Director: Natalia Tkachuk

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Media Relations and Publishing department

Director: Archpriest Joseph Skinner

Media projects & relations: Alexandr Korobko, Alexandr Andreyev

Internet communication: Adn Dmitry Nedostupenko, Natalya Zaburaeva

“Sourozh” magazine: Alexandr Krasovitskiy

Russian-speaking Press: Tatyana Brodskaya

Cathedral Library: Veronika Suslova

Cathedral Book Shop: Natalia Pourichko

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Inter-Orthodox Relations

Director: Fr Joseph Skinner

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Inter-Christian Relations department

Director: Priest Stephen Platt

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Missionary service 

Direstor: Fr Gennady Andreev


Cooperation with the Russian-speaking community

Director: Natalia Tkachuk


Pilgrimages department

Director: Archdeacon Dimitry Nedostupenko

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Legal & Financial Affairs

Treasurer:   Adrian Dean 

Tel.  020-3174-0307     Fax  020-7584-9864

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Liturgical Committee

Archbishop Elisey (Chairman), Fr Benedict Ramsden, Fr Philip Steer, Fr Stephen Platt, Fr. Joseph Skinner (Secretary), Adn Dimitry Nedostupenko

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