« A meeting of the pupils of the Parish School with those who witnessed the Great Patriotic War took place at the London Dormition Cathedral »

On Saturday, 8 of May, a meeting of the pupils of the Parish School with the parishioners who remembered the horrors of World War II took place in the London Dormition Cathedral.

Archbishop Elisey of Sourozh opened the assembly greeting the participants with the Great Victory Day. Elderly parishioners shared their memories of the war period with the children. Archbishop Anatoly of Kerch, Suffragan Bishop of the Diocese of Sourozh, and Archpriest Maxim Nikolsky, cleric of the Dormition Cathedral, took part in the meeting. Children greeted the elderly parishioners reading poems and singing songs. The joint singing of songs of the war period by the children and elderly parishioners was very touching.

At the end of the meeting, Archbishop Elisey gave gifts to the veterans.