« Archbishop Anatoliy of Kerch celebrated his Name's Day »

On 6 May, the feast of the Holy Great Martyr George the Victory-bearer, the Holy Martyr Anatoly and the Holy Martyr Empress Alexandra, Archbishop Anatoly of Kerch, Suffragan Bishop of Diocese of Sourozh, celebrated his Name’s Day.

Vladyka Anatoliy served the Divine Liturgy together with the clergy of the London Dormition Cathedral. After the Liturgy, Archbishop Elisey of Sourozh greeted Vladyka Anatoliy, emphasising his great experience of service to the Russian Orthodox Church and wished him health, strength, welfare and many years.

After the service, Archbishop Elisey, Archbishop Anatoly, the clergy and laypeople of the Dormition Cathedral joint a festival meal organised to greet Vladyka Anatoly and some of the parishioners on their Name’s Day.