« A pilgrimage to the well of Holy Martyr Winifred in Holywell »

On August 31, 2019, a pilgrimage took place to the well of Holy Martyr Winifred of Trefynnon (+630).  With the blessing of His Grace Bishop Matthew of Sourozh and Bishop Irenaeus of London and West Europe (ROCOR), two parishes - Intercession Stavropegic Parish of Manchester and Parish of Holy Martyr Elizabeth of Wallace (ROCOR) - have organized a pilgrimage trip.
The Divine Liturgy in the chapel of Holy Martyr  Winifred was headed by Priest Anatoly Vikhrov, Rector of the parishes of St. Venerable  Ksenia of Petersburg in Leeds and the Meeting of the Lord in Bradford, who was assisted by Archpriest Paul Eliot, Chancellor of the British Diocese of ROCOR, Rector of the parish of Holy Martyr Elizabeth in Wallace, and Deacon Neil Lubchenko. The pilgrimage was attended by parishioners of the Diocesan District of the North of England and Wales of the Sourozh Diocese and parishioners of the northern parishes of the ROCOR.
Liturgical chants were sung by the choir of the parish of Holy Martyr  Elizabeth led by Elizabeth Eliot.
At the end of the service, Fr. Anatoly Vikhrov addressed the pilgrims with words of greeting and gratitude for their help in organizing the pilgrimage. Father Paul Eliot has also greeted the pilgrims.
After the service, a procession followed by a moleben took place at the well of St. Winifred, located next to the chapel.
At the end of the pilgrimage, the participants have shared a fraternal meal.
Historical reference:

The Holy Martyr Winifred (Vinefrida) of Gwytherin, of Trefynnon, of Wales (Winifred, Winefride, Gwenfrewi; + 630/c. 660).
Memory day - November 3.
A virgin of noble birth who lived in the Northern Wales in the seventh century. Niece and spiritual daughter of St. Beuno. After his death, she joined the monastery of Gwytherin, where she lived under the spiritual nourishment of St. Eleril.  The son of a neighboring leader named Karadok, seized with carnal passion, pursued her and cut off her head with a sword.  The place where her head fell has become known as Treffynon (in Welsh) or Holywell (in English), which means "holy spring" - because of the appearance of a healing spring, water from which helps everyone who takes it with faith. To this day, Holywell remains  place of pilgrimage in England.
According to the life of the Saint, Saint Beunohe, Winifred's uncle, restored her to life by his prayer, after which she returned to the monastery in Gwytherin, where, over time, she became abbess.