« Archpastoral visit to the Bishops' Metochion in Rocks Farm, Bodiam »

On July 14, 2019, on the Fourth Sunday after Pentecost, Commemoration Day of the Holy Saints who shone in the lands of Britain and Ireland, His Grace Bishop Matthew of Sourozh visited the Bishop's metochion of St. Elisabeth in Rocks Farm, near the town of Bodiam in Kent.
At the Divine Liturgy, headed by Right Reverend Vladyka, Archpriest Vitaly Polishchuk and Protodeacon Vadim Santsevitch coserved with the Archpastor.
On the festive day, preceding the day of remembrance of the Holy Martyrs Grand Duchess Elizabeth and the nun Barbara, pilgrims from London and nearby cities visited the convent site.  Those present at the divine service were able to pray and venerate the martyrs' holy relics, which constantly remain in the reliquary in the house church of the metochion.
After the prayer before the ambon, the Right Reverend Vladyka addressed the clergy, parishioners and pilgrims with words of preaching and spiritual edification.
After the service, everybody shared the meal, during which Vladyka Matthew noted the works of the elder sister of the metochion, nun Marfa (Persianinova), and congratulated a number of the parishioners and pilgrims of the future convent with their name days and birthdays.