« Patronal feast of Great Martyr George the Trophy-Bearer was celebrated in Newcastle parish »

On May 6, 2019, patronal celebration took place in the church of Great Martyr George the Trophy-Bearer in the city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
With the blessing of His Grace Bishop Matthew of Sourozh, the Divine Liturgy on the feast day was headed by Priest Dmitry Nedostupenko, Secretary of the Sourozh Diocese, Dean of the parishes of the Diocesan District of the North of England and Wales, Rector of the church.  Father Dmitry was assisted by Priest Anatoly Vihrov, Rector of the parishes of the Meeting of the Lord in the city of Bradford and of St Xenia of St.Petersburg in the city of Leeds, Priest Victor Ahryapin and Deacon Nil Lyubchenko.
After the Liturgy, an Easter procession took place, after which Father Dmitry addressed the parishioners with words of a sermon on the theme of the feast, drawing attention to the spiritual feat of faith of the holy Great Martyr George and conveyed festive greetings to the parish from Right Reverend Bishop Matthew.  After that, the Decree of the His Grace on the appointment of Priest Victor Ahryapin to the clergy of the church of Great Martyr George the Trophy-Bearer in Newcastle and of the diocesan community of St.Ninian of Whithorn in Carlisle was read out.
Father Dmitry warmly congratulated Father Anatoly, who was celebrating his Name Day on this day, thanking him for his work on feeding the Orthodox flock of Newcastle and presented a memorable gift to him.
Divine services in the parish of Great Martyr George the Trophy-Bearer will be served on a regular basis every Sunday and on church feasts.