« On the Sunday of the Holy Cross veneration, His Grace Bishop Matthew of Sourozh celebrated the Divine Liturgy at the Cathedral of the City of London »

On March 31, 2019, on the 3rd Sunday of the Great Lent, veneration of the Holy Cross, His Grace Bishop Matthew of Sourozh celebrated Divine Liturgy at the Dormition Cathedral in London.
His Grace was assisted by Archpriest Vitaly Polishchuk, Priest Dimitry Nedostupenko, Secretary of the Diocese of Sourozh, Priest Sergei Fedorenko, Protodeacon Vadim Santsevitch and Deacon Antony Ivashin.
The liturgical chants were sung by the choir of the Cathedral under the direction of M.V. Bezmenova.
After the prayer before the ambo, the Right Reverend Vladyka and the co-serving clergy served the rite of glorification and veneration of the Life-giving Cross of the Lord.
In consideration of the activities for the glory of the Holy Church, the Right Reverend Archpastor awarded Andrei Bardakov the right to wear a cassock.
At the end of the service, Vladyka Matthew addressed the clergy and parishioners with words of preaching and spiritual edification.