« On the final day of the XIV Clergy Congress, Bishop Matthew of Sourozh celebrated the Divine Liturgy at the house church in the Antioch village in Pennsylvania, USA »

On Wednesday, October 2, 2019, on the final day of the XIV Congress of the Clergy and laity of the parishes of the Moscow Patriarchate in the USA, Bishop Matthew of Sourozh, temporary Administrator of the Patriarchal Parishes in the USA and Canada, celebrated the Divine Liturgy at St.Peter and St.Paul house Church in Antioch Village.  Vladyka  was assisted by Archpriest Igor Tarasov, Chancellor of the Patriarchal Parishes in the United States, clerics - members of the Episcopal Council,  Deans, and Priest Dimitry Nedostupenko, Secretary of the Sourozh Diocese. The deacon’s rank was headed by Protodeacon Igor Panachev, cleric of St.Nicholas Patriarchal Cathedral, New York.
During the Liturgy, Bishop Matthew ordained reader Oleg Serebryanov to the rank of subdeacon to the Kazan Church in Spoken, Washington.  The altar servant of the same church, Dionysius Butt, after being appointed a reader and a subdeacon, was ordained a deacon.
After the communion of the Holy Mysteries of Christ, the Archpastor, clergy and laymen venerated the Holy Cross and Hierarch Rafail of Brooklyn, whose holy relics rest at the clergy cemetery of the Antiochian archdiocese within the Antioch village.
Vladyka cordially greeted the participants in the Liturgy, and congratulated Archpriest Igor Tarasov and Protodeacon Igor Panachev with the feast of their Heavenly Protector - Prince Igor of Chernigov.  The Archpastor awarded them with Bishops' Recognition Certificates for their diligent service to the Church.