« On Sunday after Exaltation of the Cross, His Grace Bishop Matthew of Sourozh celebrated the Divine Liturgy at St. Nicholas Cathedral in New York, USA »

On September 29, Sunday after the Exaltation of the Cross, Bishop Matthew of Sourozh, temporary Administrator of the Patriarchal Parishes in the USA and Canada, celebrated the Divine Liturgy at the New York St. Nicholas Cathedral, together  with the Cathedral clergy, and Priest Dimitry Nedostupenko, Secretary of the Diocese of Sourozh, who is accompanying the bishop on his trip to the United States.   
After the augmented litany, the archpastor offered a prayer for peace in Ukraine.  After the communion of the Holy Mysteries of Christ, the clergy and believers performed venerated the Holy Cross.
At the end of the service, the archpastor addressed those present with a sermon.
Vladyka’s talks with clergy and parishioners continued during common meal, after which Bishop Matthew got acquainted with the activities of the parish institutions — Sunday school, museum, library and refectory, and talked with parish workers.
In the course of the day, Vladyka held a working meeting with Elena Branson, Chairman of the Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots Organizations in the United States, they discussed a number of issues of mutual interest between the Russian Church and Russian compatriots.