« A feastal concert was performed at the London Cathedral parish school »

On June 30, 2018, on the day of the completion of the academic year at the Dormition Cathedral's parish school in London, Right Reverend Panteleimon, Bishop of Orekhovo-Zuevo and Right Reverend Matthew, Bishop of Sourozh, met with teachers and parents of the school pupils. Priest Dmitry Nedostupenko, secretary of the Diocese of Sourozh, took part in the meeting.

After the address by Vladyka Panteleimon to the people gathered to the feast, pupils of the school performed a festive concert. There were musical performances by young talents, as well as a separate program by the children's choir under the direction of M.V. Bezmenova.

At the end of the feast, a special warm thanks was paid to the pedagogical staff of the school, headed by the director E.N. Poplavskaya, the Right Reverend Bishops presented memorable gifts to parents who took an active part in the life of the school during the last academic year.

Prior to the beginning of the classes in September, recruitment for the new academic year has begun. For information, please contact E.N. Poplavskaya, school's director - elpoplavska@gmail.com