« Teachers of the Diocese of Sourozh parish schools took part in the webinar "Activities of Sunday schools and development of the system of parish care for children" »

On July 17, 2018 teachers of children's parish schools of the Diocese of Sourozh took part in the webinar "Parish Childcare" held by Hieromonks Gennady (Voitishko), Head of the Information and Analytical Directorate of the Synodal Department for Religious Education and Catechization of the Russian Orthodox Church.

During the work of the webinar, issues of organizing work with children in the parishes were highlighted, in particular the need not only to teach doctrinal subjects to children, but, most importantly, to organize the environment helping a child to establish a relationship with God and to find his place in the Church, to bring the light of Christ's Love to the children's soul . All activities of Sunday schools, any event for children in the parish should be subordinated to this task.

The presenter of the webinar drew attention of the teachers to the need to use modern interactive methods of teaching doctrinal subjects at Sunday schools. There were many questions raised: are children's feasts needed, is it necessary to issue a certificate upon the completion of Sunday school, how to attract parents to school work and many others questions. Of course, it was impossible to answer all the questions today.

To help directors and teachers of children's Sunday schools, a portal will soon be launched, which is being developed by the Synodal Department for Religious Education, where it will be possible to get methodological help, as well as to share  work experience of various Sunday schools.