« A meeting of the clergy of the Sourozh Diocese was held in the London Cathedral »

On November 29, 2018, a meeting of the clergy of the Sourozh Diocese, chaired by His Grace Matthew, Bishop of Sourozh, was held at the Dormition Cathedral in the city of London.

His Grace Archbishop, in his report addressed to the diocesan clergy, presented statistical data on the Sourozh Diocese and on the Patriarchal parishes in Canada and the United States, who are entrusted to him in temporary administration.

Vladyka informed about the “Service for the departed infants who did not receive the grace of the Holy Baptism”, approved at the meeting of the Holy Synod on July 14, 2018. An important point was a discussion of the procedure for the application of the norms provided for by the “Provision on the procedure for agreeing on the ordination to the clergy of persons who do not have educational qualifications”. (Journal No. 55 of the meeting of the Holy Synod of July 14, 2018). Among other issues discussed, there was a topic of filing retirement petitions by clerics when they reached 75 years of age (Charter of the ROC MP, Chapter XXII).

At the end of the meeting, the participants reviewed the decisions of the Holy Synod on the impossibility of further Eucharistic communion with the Patriarchate of Constantinople.