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Timetable of services on
Great Saturday 15th April and
Pascha of Christ 16th April 2017

Great Saturday - 15th April

       9:00      Confession. 3 Hour. Typika. Divine Liturgy

      22:00    The Reading of the Acts of the Holy Apostles

      23:40    Midnight Service

 The Glorious Resurrection of Christ – 16th April

       00:00   Procession. Easter Matins and Divine Liturgy

9:00       Easter Matins. Late Divine Liturgy

18:00          Easter Vespers. Greetings




On Great Saturday 15th April, Confession will be from 9:00 during the Liturgy and then in the course of the day from 14:00 until 22:00.

 The mystery of Confession will not be held during the Easter service.


     Blessing of the kulichs

The blessing of the kulichs will be on Great Saturday 15th April - during the day, from 12:00 till 22:00, after the Easter Liturgy and also after the Late Divine Liturgy on Sunday, April 16th.

Kulichs may be bought at the Cathedral at the Candle desk.