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Timetable of services on

Great Saturday 11th April and

Pascha of Christ 12th April 2015 

Great Saturday - 11th April 

      9:00     Confession. Hours. Typica. Vespers with the Divine Liturgy of St Basil the Great

      22:00   The Reading of the Acts of the Holy Apostles

      23:40   Midnight Service 

The Glorious Resurrection of Christ - 12th April 

      00:00   Easter Matins and Divine Liturgy

      10:00   Easter Matins and Late Divine Liturgy

      18:00   Agape Vespers 


On Great Saturday 11th April, Confession will be from 9:00 during the Liturgy and then in the course of the day until 22:00. The mystery of Confession will not be held during the Easter service.

      Holy Communion

Those who confessed during the Holy Week of the Great Lent are blessed to receive Holy Communion at the Easter Divine Liturgy.

      Blessing of the kulichs

The blessing of the kulichs will be on Great Saturday 11th April - during the day, from 13:00 till 23:00, after the Easter Liturgy at about 3:00, and also after the Late Divine Liturgy about 13:00 on Sunday, April 12th.

Kulichs may be bought at the Cathedral from 4th April.