« Archpriest Maxim Nikolsky, a cleric of the London Cathedral, celebrated his seventieth birthday »

The oldest archpriest of the London Cathedral Maxim Nikolsky celebrated his seventieth birthday. On Thursday, 30 April, after the evening service, father Maxim served a thanksgiving moleben and the protodeacon proclaimed many years to him. After the moleben, Archbishop Anatoly of Kerch greeted father Maxim on the remarkable day on behalf of the diocesan clergy and parishioners and wished him spiritual and physical wellbeing and help of God in his pastoral service.

After the moleben, Archbishop Anatoly, the diocesan clergy, family members, friends and father Maxim’s many spiritual children were invited to a festive meal at the hall of the Cathedral. Archpriest Mikhail Dudko greeted father Maxim on behalf of Bishop Elisey, who was in Russia on that day, and passed him an icon of the Mother of God. Some of the many greetings made by the parishioners were accompanied by short musical performances.