« Annual Diocesan Conference to be held May 22- 25 »

The annual conference of the Diocese of Sourozh, which has been taking place almost every year provides a unique opportunity for people from around the country to gather in fellowship, prayer and discourse.

Annual Conference of the Diocese of Sourozh

Royal Alexandra & Albert School, Reigate, Surrey – May 22 – 25, 2009

Living as Orthodox in the Modern World

The Orthodox way of life developed over centuries in a context markedly different from our own. Most people lived in relatively stable societies; the rhythms of life, both corporate and personal, were governed by the Church. Orthodoxy often exercised a decisive influence on culture. In the case of the Byzantine and Russian empires, the Orthodox faith was arguably the primary cohesive factor maintaining social and political unity. As such, it received the full backing of the State, sometimes at the cost of the freedom of the Church. In time, the consciousness of the universality of Christianity diminished and Local Churches began to be associated with particular ethnic groups.

The situation in contemporary society is radically different. The dominant secular worldview relegates religion to the sphere of private interest. Traditional Christian values are seen to be in conflict with the ‘rights of the individual’. Developments in science and technology pose new questions to the consciousness of the Church, as does the ecological crisis.

The question of how to live as Orthodox Christians in the twenty-first century is thus one that concerns all of us. The conference will explore the topic through lectures, discussions and workshops. As always, our common prayer, gathered around our bishop, will be at the heart of the weekend.

Main Talks

Orthodox life and mission in an age of pluralism

Archpriest Vladimir Vorobyov

Living as Orthodox in the modern world: faith, culture and ethnicity

Hieromonk Nicholas (Sakharov)

The Church and Contemporary Society: Two Value Systems

Archpriest Mikhail Dudko

The environment: an Orthodox perspective

Dr Dimitri Conomos

Application Process

You can apply online at or use the forms which will be available in parishes shortly.

The cost of the weekend will be £130 residential, or £65 non-residential. There will be the usual discounts for children, and partial attendance is also possible.

Early Application Discount

For applications and payments received by April 30th, we will hold last year’s prices (£120 / £60).