« Meeting of the Diocesan Clergy

An ordinary meeting of the clergy of the Diocese of Sourozh took place at the London Cathedral on Cheesefare Saturday, 28 February, when the Church commemorates the Holy Ascetics. At 9 am Bishop Elisey celebrated the Divine Liturgy, assisted by the diocesan clergy.

Before the meal following the Liturgy, Vladyka Elisey congratulated the persons celebrating their anniversaries: Ludmila Borovkova, church school catechism teacher, and Svetlana Khvorostovskaya.

After the meal, those gathered for the meeting were invited to watch a charming play performed by the pupils of the church school under the direction of S. Khvorostovskaya, E. Tugarinov and G. Tugarinova. The Christian basis of the play touched the hearts of The audience was moved by the Christian basis of the play, and pleasantly surprised by the excellent performance and the talent of the children.



The pastoral meeting of the diocesan clergy began at 2 pm. In his opening address, Bishop Elisey said that the main responsibility of a priest is to lead the flock to the salvation, to unity with Christ, in spite of all difficulties and troubles. It is especially important Tto realize this on the threshold of Great Lent.

At the meeting, Adrian Dean reported about the state of diocesan legal affairs. After the report, Vladyka informed the meeting about the forthcoming publication of the diocesan service book. Bishop Elisey pointed out the acute need of an updated bilingual edition for the diocesan clergy.