of the Diocesan Assembly Meeting

on 26th June 2010



1. In accordance with the Statutes of the Diocese of Sourozh, the Diocesan Assembly chaired by the Diocesan Hierarch shall consist of members of the clergy, monastics and laity resident in the territory of the Diocese and representing the Diocesan Parishes.


2. The Diocesan Hierarch, Archbishop Elisey of Sourozh, is the Chairman of the current Diocesan Assembly.


3.The Diocesan Assembly shall elect the Deputy Chairman and the Secretary together with two members of the Assembly who shall sign the Minutes of the Assembly in the course of its meeting.


4. The Diocesan Assembly shall be quorate if more than 50 per cent of its members are present.


5.The decisions of the Diocesan Assembly shall be passed by the majority of votes. In the event of a tied vote, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.


6. This Diocesan Assembly will elect members of the Diocesan Council by secret ballot in connection with which it chooses lay members of the Assembly as members of an electoral committee.


7. Minutes of the Diocesan Assembly shall be signed by the Diocesan Hierarch, the Deputy Chairman, the Secretary and the two members of the Diocesan Assembly specially elected for this purpose.


8. The Diocesan Hierarch:

convenes and conducts the Diocesan Assembly;

has the power to veto resolutions of the Diocesan Assembly with the right of subsequent referral of the disputed matter to the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church.


9. The Deputy Chairman of the Diocesan Assembly shall conduct the meeting in the event that the Chairman requests him so to do.


10. The Secretary of the Diocesan Assembly meeting shall be responsible for preparing the resolutions of the meeting and for assisting the Chairman of the Assembly with procedural questions connected with the meeting.


11. All clergy and monastics, together with lay members of the Assembly who had the right to vote as of 26th June 2010 according to the Statutes of the Diocese of Sourozh which were in effect until today, shall have the right to vote in the present meeting. The right to vote at subsequent meetings of the Diocesan Assembly will be determined by the corresponding resolutions adopted by the present Assembly meeting.