Born on May 28, 1930, in Irkutsk.

From 1947 a reader in the churches of the Diocese of Irkutsk. From 1949 a subdeacon of the Bishop Pallady (Shestrennikov) of Irkutsk.

During 1949-1956 studied in the Moscow Theological Seminary. On October 31, 1954 ordained a deacon, on July 1, 1956 - a priest. Completed Moscow Theological Academy in 1960 with the degree of a Candidate of Theology, was retained at the Academy as an academic scholar.

On October 11, 1960 tonsured a monk in the name of the Martyr Anatoly of Nicomedia (commemoration on May 6, New Style), in 1963 elevated to the rank of hiegoumen, in 1968 - to the rank of archimandrite.

From 1960 taught Holy Scripture in Moscow Theological Seminary, from 1967 - in Moscow Theological Academy. Participated in the work of the Biblical Commission of the Publishing Department of Moscow Patriarchy.

On September 3, 1972 consecrated the Bishop of Vilnius and Lithuania. From September 3, 1974 was the Bishop of Zvenigorod, the representative of the Patriarch of Moscow to the Partiarch of Antioch and of All the East. From November 16, 1979 was the Bishop of Ufa and Sterlitamak. On July 20, 1990 appointed the Bishop of Kerch, an assistant bishop of the Diocese of Sourozh. On February 25, 1993 elevated to the rank of Archbishop.

From December 27, 2001 till July 17, 2002 had been retired.